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SPELL HOUSE ‘Cosmic Connection’ Incense AT105

SPELL HOUSE ‘Cosmic Connection’ Incense AT105


Sandalwood + Frankincense + Bergamot

Sweet. Bright. Botanical.

When we align with our higher self we can elevate our vibration. Made with a base of sandalwood and top notes of frankincense and bergamot, this incense connects us to our higher purpose.

Use this incense for: Cleansing the aura, astral travel and enhancing psychic abilities.

Use Affirmation: "I am open to receiving and trust the universe is guiding me to my higher purpose".

Pairs with - amethyst, Celestine, labradorite and lapis lazuli.

Each pack contains: 21 incense sticks that burn for 45-60 min. Incense is wrapped in recyclable plastic to preserve the scent and prevent oil leakage on packaging. Packaging is made from recycled kraft paper and hand sewn.

Why 21 sticks? It takes 21 days to form a new habit.

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