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PURPOSE Brass Prima Cuff PB01

PURPOSE Brass Prima Cuff PB01


Hammered and adjustable, the handmade Prima Cuff is a statement piece with all the right angles and sparkles. This piece is cut, soldered and then formed with love and care.

¼” wide

Hammered Brass

Sustainably handmade by artisans escaping human trafficking

100% of proceeds go to PURPOSE’s non-profit, International Sanctuary, which provides each artisan with fair wages, education & holistic care.


  • Care

    Jewellery care requires regular effort to keep metals from developing a natural patina. Patina (tarnishing) is caused by common elements: air (oxidation), moisture (sweat, water) and chemicals (hairspray, perfume, lotions, etc.).

    Here are the easiest steps to follow:

    Put jewellery on after applying makeup, hairspray, perfume, and lotion. Don't wear your jewellery to the salon or spa, into the bath or shower (chlorine, soap film) or lake (pollutants), or while exercising or spending time in hi

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