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October Means Two Things to Me: Hallowe'en...and Breasts!

Hello Ottawa . Happy witching month. I love 2 things about October - breasts and All Hallows’ Eve. We will be celebrating both this month - a lot. It’s #breastcancerawarness month so we’ll be doing some fundraising and I have also worked on a special mastectomy mug with @moziemugs. Also, All Hallows’ Eve is coming and @tanyasprowl has done our new window installation with a special invocation & Autumnal portal for Oct. 31 when the veil between all realms is the thinnest. Frankly, I can’t wait - wouldn’t it be awesome to escape this reality for a while? It’s my favourite month of the year and it would be my pleasure to see your lovely faces. Perhaps there’s also a special tarot night with @marielunefortin & me in the works so that I actually can. Stay tuned - it’s all happening this month

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